Blame - GainesFM & Shawn Lyricz

Video by Robert Henry, Matt Wales

Prod. by OG Abi

3D by Tyler Weber, Kevin Shain (Laser Design Inc.)

Record/Mix by Shawn Lyricz

Expensive Nightz - Shawn Lyricz, Javon Jay, Tre Auto

Video by Ben Hughes

Prod. by Blazian

Record/Mix by Shawn Lyricz

Project Singles


Shawn Lyricz ft. Ashley DuBose - ALL ABOUT THE LYRICZ

"Right Now"

Shawn Lyricz  - THE CHASE

"Ride (Remix)"

Ashley DuBose ft. Shawn Lyricz - THE CHASE

"Money Over Love"

Shanell McCoy ft. Shawn Lyricz - XL

"Do Better"

Devo Swevo ft. Shawn Lyricz, T4N - XL


GainesFM & Shawn Lyricz - THE CHASE 2